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May BYO All Hands Jam

  • 05/19/2022
  • 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM
  • Six Springs Tavern 147 N Plano Rd, Richardson, TX 75081

We had an incredible night of music for the April All Hands Jam (AHJ). We had Jazz, Classic Rock, Dead Head Rock, Country, Blues & Moody Blues, R&B, & everything in between. We had new members jamming with old hands and everyone had a great time. Thanks to all the Busicians for bringing their best and making the listening so enjoyable. Thanks also to family and friends, and the members who did not play, but who came out to support the players and the venue. That’s a big part of what make BYOM so special.

Let’s continue the tradition!! The May AHJ will be on the second to last Thursday of the month. This will be a week sooner than normal, so please plan accordingly.


Thursday 05/19/2022 6:30PM


6:30 - 7 and again from 9:30 - 10:00. 

Great time for you new folks to try out you stage skills!!!!


Six Springs Tavern

147 N Plano Rd

Richardson, TX 75081

Jam Master: Ian Dickson

- Send request for sets in the May AHJ to Include a list of set members. Standard 30 minute sets (roughly 5 songs including set up & tear down) Please include at least 4 players in your sets. All players must be BYOM members.

- To help you plan ahead we have extended the monthly jams at Six Spring through August. AHJ will be at Six Springs on May 19, June 30, July 28, and August 25.

As a reminder, all BYOM live events remain subject to the following BYO Musicians terms and conditions:

Risk Factors: No one can eliminate the risk that persons who attend a live gathering with unknown persons could become exposed to, or infected by, COVID-19 or any variant or other highly contagious disease (collectively, “COVID”) as a result of attending the live gathering. In particular, it should benoted that risk factors include the following: (a) the vaccination status of persons who attend a live gathering will not be known or required to be documented, (b) exposure risks for unvaccinated persons are considerably higher than for vaccinated persons, (c) vaccine effectiveness may be limited or unknown against new variants, (d) there is no assurance that the persons who are present at a live gathering will ascertain and voluntarily comply with all applicable health and safety guidelines and protocols, (e) there will be no control over the number, or COVID related status, of persons who may be present at a live gathering, or safety precautions implemented at any facility, and (f) neither BYO Musicians nor any venue will be able to enforce individual compliance with health and safety guidelines or provide any assurances regarding the safety of a location.

Assumption of Risk: BYO Musicians recommends that all persons who attend a live gathering follow all federal, state and local safety and COVID mitigation guidelines applicable to gatherings of persons with unknown vaccination status, including masking, social distancing and refraining from attending by persons who have known COVID symptoms or who may have high risk medical conditions. However, many persons who are not associated with BYO Musicians may be present at a live gathering and may not follow any applicable COVID mitigation guidelines and restrictions. All persons who accept the invitation to attend a live gathering shall be deemed to have assumed all COVID-related risks.

Hold Harmless: Each person who accepts the invitation to attend a live gathering shall be deemed to have acknowledged and agreed that such person holds harmless and releases BYO Musicians and its Board of Directors, officers and members from and against all liability, claims or demands of any kind for any loss, injury, or damages, including illness, disability or death, resulting from or related to any COVID exposure.

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