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Doing Business

 Our Mission

BYO is a networking organization comprised of business professionals who are also talented musicians. Our mission is to build valuable connections, perform music together and use our musical talents to support charitable causes.

   About BYO   

Legal Status

BYO Musicians Network, Inc.  is an exempt 501(c)(3) public charity under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and was formally incorporated as a Texas nonprofit corporation in accordance with Chapter 22 of the Texas Business Organizations Code on August 8, 2011.  The corporation has no shareholders or other equity interests, but is governed by a board of directors.

Objectives and Goals

Conceived in June 2011 as a unique and innovative way to connect business professionals that also happen to be talented musicians, it occurred to the steering committee that, given both the business and musical talents of its members, the organization could equally serve a higher purpose by supporting the awareness, fundraising efforts, and activities of the many charitable organizations in the local community.

BYO Events

10,000 N Central Expwy #1000
Dallas, TX  752311
Phone: (214) 615-4215