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Dear BYO Members,

First and foremost, I hope each of you are well, thoroughly rehearsed and ready to once again jam together in the coming months! I have missed your faces and your collective talents a great deal in the Great Pandemic Shelter of 20-21. As I type, the vaccination numbers and estimated “herd immunity” numbers are increasing quickly, and the horrible COVID-19 deaths that our community has experienced appear to be waning, along with decreases in new cases reported. Perhaps we are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

However, in the interim, I wanted to reach out and let each of you know that we have 2 terrific BYO Zoom programs in the coming weeks for your enjoyment, a “Zoom Song Swap” on Wednesday, March 31 and a Zoom Happy Hour with a Music Trivia theme on Thursday, April 8!

Our own Ian Dickson and his Event Committee are coming out of forced hibernation to coordinate the March 31 Zoom Song Swap. If you are interested in participating as a solo act or a duet act, you still have another couple of days to contact Ian and participate in the Zoom event. Although the Event Committee is still working on logistics and details, the working model of the Song Swap will be having 5-7 BYO members play 2-3 songs each for the enjoyment of the other participants and listeners. I encourage you to support our great BYO musicians and join Ian and his Event Committee on Wednesday, March 31 at 6:30 for an hour or two!

Similarly, Sue Schildt and her Business and Social Committee are continuing to work on programs that will bring our BYO Members together virtually until we can safely reconvene in person. Sue has cooked up a great twist on our BYO Happy Hours to add a Music Trivia program for all us liner note nerds such as yours truly! Sue has engaged the services of a professional company called “Not Rocket Science Trivia” and its owner Alex Abernathy to keep things lively and fun. Rumor has it that Sue’s Committee Members Jane and Michael are working hard on some tough questions to stump you, so start getting rid of that COVID Fog Brain and let’s get some great participation on this fun event! It’s on the BYO Calendar for Thursday, April 8 from about 6:30 to 8 or so.

You will be receiving updates on both events, but I wanted to reach out to each of you to share my enthusiasm for the upcoming events.

Finally, a huge thank you and debt of gratitude for all your generosity and the generosity of your friends and family who have supported our terrific Video that Brad Bush expertly cobbled together and that featured a slew of our talented BYO musicians and singers for the benefit of Music Meets Medicine. I am thrilled to report that due to your donations and the extremely generous anonymous matching donor we have raised over $11,500 for Dr. J Mack Slaughter’s Music Meets Medicine non-profit! In a year of negative news, suffering, sacrifices for all and sheltering in place forced by the Pandemic, I think that without a doubt our BYO Members have lived up to our motto of “Giving Back.” Thank you all.

I look forward to seeing you sooner rather than later!

All My Best,

Len Musgrove
BYO President


Dear BYO Members and Friends,

A heartfelt thanks for all who were able to join us on Thursday night for our BYO Musicians Zoom Annual Meeting. We had nearly 50% of our active members join us, which is a terrific turnout for a Pandemic Thursday night!

One of the highlights of our Annual Meeting was a group listen to our BYO/Music Meets Medicine Benefit Video, which was skillfully edited and arranged by Board Member Brad Bush. Brad announced that thus far, we have raised $3500, plus a match from a generous anonymous donor, for a total of $7,000 raised for the great program of Music Meets Medicine!

While that is admirable, I challenge our Busicians and BYO Friends to dig a little deeper to hit $5,000 or more. If we hit that number, we will get a dollar for dollar match up to $5,000 in order to reach the Board’s goal of $10,000! Please give generously to this great charity!

Additionally, I am so proud of our BYO/MMM Benefit Video that I think this group can go viral with it! What if each of our 80+ members sent the video’s link (see below) to 5-10 of their friends?!! And if those friends lived out of state or even out of the country, you just never know what might happen. So spend a few minutes and forward the YouTube link below!

For those of you who are a touch challenged by technology, you may share by clicking on the share button - pick Facebook, Twitter, Email or one of the other options.

Thank you all in advance, and I can’t wait to see you in person – Soon!

All my best,

Len Musgrove
BYO President


BYO Fund Raiser Video - Update

BYO Musicians,

We have extended the sign up for our Charity Video to support Music Meets Medicine to October 16th. Please visit to sign up.

Here are the answers to a few more of your questions:

Q: Can my part be recorded on a computer or only on a phone?

A: You will be able to record on your computer or a phone. You may need two devices (one to play the music and one to record the video) depending on your setup. More information will be available to those who signup.

Q: Do I need to download an app in order to record my part or send my part?

A: No. You can use your standard phone video software.

Q: You said that I'll be listening to the backing track on headphones. What will the headphones be plugged in to?

A: The headphones will be plugged into one device (like a phone or computer) while you video with another device (phone or computer). On a computer it can be the same device.

Q: I have Bluetooth headphones but heard that wireless connections create latency issues when trying to play against a recording. Should only wired headphones be used?

A: Because you are recording a video that is independent of what you are listening to and we can match up later, you can record with either wired or wireless headphones.

Q: You mentioned that audio and video may need to be separately recorded in order for the audio to be picked up from the distance of the video camera. If I use a computer webcam on a cord to the computer, would the mic in the webcam be sufficient?

A: We will work with whatever you are able to record. A separate microphone is just a suggestion for those that are able to do more advanced techniques.

Q: If I play an acoustic instrument, does the instrument need to be played through a P.A. or amp separate from just using the mic in the camera?

A: We can work with it either way. Recording your instrument with a mic up close or through an amp is better, but get us sound and video!

Q: Can I record more than one take and pick the take that I would like to be used?

A: Yes, but just send us one final take of the whole song. We will only be using a part of your recording, so don't stress out if you mess up in one part!


BYO Fund Raiser Video - Play and Get Involved!

Dear Busicians,

BYO Musicians is proud to announce our 2020 fundraiser which once again will support Music Meets Medicine, a 501c3 non-profit organization that donates instruments and teaching time to teenagers being treated in children’s hospitals. In light of the uncertainty about when we will be able to resume live jam sessions we have created this alternative to the annual Christmas Rocks event. We will be creating a video compilation where we can all “play together”. We will raise money for the charity by allowing our members to donate to the charity to secure spots in the compilation music video. This will be offered through the same web auction site we utilized last year:

We have decided to combine 3 songs and meld them into a single video: Everyday People, Tulsa Time and Born in the USA. On each song, we have several spots per instrumentalist, vocalist and even dancers. We will give you easy instructions to record your part over a set “backing track” so that we can all stay together (no special equipment needed, but if you have it, we will have instructions for using it). The first step though is to make a donation in the category of the part you choose by clicking on the link above. The selections will close on September 30th, so figure out what part or parts you are going to play and reserve your spot today. Remember you can reserve your spot and still donate more on the front page!

You will have the option of recording your part at your home or any location of your choosing, or for convenience you can make your recording at Stan Bradshaw’s rehearsal studio which will be set up for this purpose. In any case, you will be listening to a backing track through headphones and recording your part (video and audio) along with the backing track. The BYO Board will present both BYO and its Members in the best light possible with this video project, while at the same raising money for a great cause. We ask for your money, your talents, your sense of humor and your understanding that the video can’t feature all of us, but the Board believes that the end product will be representative of BYO and its Membership! Let’s Rock.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I want to donate more than my $50 spot?

A: You can use the big blue Donate Now button on the auction site to donate some more. We will be promoting the donations once the video is live.

Q: What if I want to play an instrument that is not listed?

A: Sign up for “Dance or Other” and we will be contacting you.

Q: Where does my money go?
A: All your money except a small administrative fee charged by the auction site goes straight to Music Meets Medicine to help them deliver more music therapy to children.

Q: How will my video be used? Who will decide what part to use? What will the final video look like?
A: The BYO Board is responsible for the final video. We will mix both the music and the videos into a great end to end product that we are all proud of. You will see multiple performers on the screen at once all “playing together”.

Q: Can I just give money and not be in the video?

A: We would rather you dance or play some percussion, but sure you don’t have to be in the video. You can go to the auction link and just click on the big blue “Make a Donation” button in the top right.

Q: Can only BYO Members participate in this project?
A: Right now we are holding to only dues-paying BYO Members for this project.

Q: Can I get together with a group and sing or play together?

A: Not at this time. We are requesting each part to be separate.

Q: If I am doing a guitar part, should I play rhythm or lead?
A: You can play either or both through the whole song.

Q: What if the song lyrics call for harmony vocals. How do I know what line to sing?
A: We will have to work that out after September 30 when all slots are taken. If you want to sing harmony with another specific member then the two of you can work that out and make your recordings accordingly.

Q: Can I withdraw my video from being used if I am not satisfied with it?
A: Yes, by end of October, you can tell us if you do not want your video to be used or not record a video.

Q: I donated for a video, but could not record my part (or withdrew my video). Can I get a refund?
A: No. The purpose of this project is to facilitate donations to Music Meets Medicine. The donations are being made directly to MMM to support their very good cause. Your participation in the video is just BYO's way of thanking you for making a donation to Music Meets Medicine.

Q: Are there any other terms or conditions to participate in the video?
A: Yes. As indicated on the auction site under auction terms, your election to participate includes your agreement to the specified terms, including your acknowledgement that the BYO Musicians Board has discretion on the selection, editing and use of the videos for purposes approved by the BYO Board and your full release to allow your video or any part of your video and your name and likeness to be used as may be approved by the Board.

Q: Is my donation to Music Meets medicine tax deductible?
A: Although you should consult your tax advisor regarding your personal tax situation, it is our understanding that the recently adopted CARES Act allows people who take the standard deduction to also deduct up to $300 to public charities. For questions about the tax exempt status of Music Meets Medicine, please visit

Q: Where will the video be posted?
A: We will post the video online on our Facebook page and potentially other public forums. The goal is to get as many people to see, share and like the video as possible.

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Dallas, TX  752311
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