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What's a Busician?

BYO Musicians Network is a 501(c)(3) organization that was formed as a Texas nonprofit corporation and is a networking organization comprised of business professionals who are also talented musicians. Our Mission is to build valuable connections, perform music together and use our musical talents to support charitable causes.

Or in the words of our President, BYO is comprised of a group of musicians with a business problem!

The term “Busician” is a purely invented term that tries to capture the seemingly ridiculous notion of successful business owners, executives and professionals who all share the love of music and performing, even while the practical left sides of their brains occasionally override the more creative right sides. Some apparently off-kilter individuals who founded BYO conceived of this apparent dichotomy of an organization composed of business men and women who also happened to be passionate about playing their music instruments. The reality is that in business and professional circles, one rarely is asked about proficiency on the acoustic guitar, the saxophone, the blues organ or the drums in the same way as about golf or tennis. But that is exactly the conversations that our Busicians have with each other! And by the way, who knows a great female vocalist for next month’s Jam?

And today, nearly a decade later, the BYO Busicians remain committed to our primary tenets: Making Music, Doing Business and Giving Back! We give our time and our passion for music to worthy charitable organizations to assist them with fundraising and planning events and make great music friends in the process, all the while managing to continue our respective business careers. BYO is the culmination of a crazy idea that simply would not go away. We hope to see you soon at a BYO event.




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BYO Holiday Show to benefit Music Meets Medicine. Music Meets Medicine is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that donates instruments and teaching time to teenagers being treated in children’s hospitals. We donate our talents to form bands and musical acts for charities that need live musicians for their events. BYO Musicians provides a great way for its members to user their musical talents to give back to our community. See more on our YouTube Channel

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Making Music

  • Monthly Jam Sessions
  • Home Acoustic Jams
  • Variety of Musical Styles

Doing Business

  • Business Symposiums
  • Luncheons, Evening, and Happy Hour Events
  • Musically Motivated Educational Series

Giving Back

  • Charity Performances
  • Senior Center Events
  • Auctions & Fundraisers

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