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  • BYO Jam Is Back!!! - October 16th

BYO Jam Is Back!!! - October 16th

  • 10/16/2021
  • 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Stan & Judy Woodward’s home 10010 Hollow Way Rd Dallas TX

BYOM jams are back!! It’s been a long road but we are going to start up again. We’re easing into it with an outdoor jam to re-launch the great All Hands Jam format. Long time BYOM member Stan and Judy Woodward have graciously offered his backyard for our return. We look forward to seeing and hearing everyone again. Here are the details:


Saturday, Oct 16th

5:00 - 9:00


Stan & Judy Woodward’s home

10010 Hollow Way Rd

Dallas TX

- Send request for sets to Include list of set members. Standard 30 minute sets (roughly 5 songs)

- Bring your own vocal mics if you feel more comfortable. The Sound Engineer will have mics and sanitizing wipes available.

- Bring your own beverages.

- Please read and comply with the following Covid protocol approved by the BYOM board:

“In response to the requests of a significant number of BYO members, a majority of the Board of Directors of BYO Musicians Network, Inc. (“BYO Musicians”) has approved a plan to resume live events in accordance with the policy as described below. This notice is to advise BYO members of certain risk factors involved with live events and summarize the BYO Musicians policy regarding live events.

Risk Factors: No one can eliminate the risk that persons who attend a live event could become exposed to, or infected by, COVID-19 or any variant or other highly contagious disease (collectively, “COVID”) as a result of attending the live event. In particular, it should be noted that risk factors include the following: (a) the vaccination status of persons who attend a live event will not be known or required to be documented; (b) exposure risks for unvaccinated persons are documented to be considerably higher than for vaccinated persons; (c) vaccine effectiveness may be limited or unknown against new variants of COVID; (d) persons who attend a live event will be required to ascertain and voluntarily comply with all applicable health and safety guidelines and protocols; and (e) neither BYO Musicians nor any venue will be able to enforce individual compliance with health and safety guidelines or provide any assurances regarding the safety of a location.

Assumption of Risk: BYO Musicians recommends that all persons who attend a live event follow all federal, state and local safety and COVID mitigation guidelines applicable to gatherings of persons with unknown vaccination status, including masking and social distancing where applicable. All persons who attend a live event are expected to comply with this notice and shall be personally responsible for following the applicable COVID mitigation guidelines and restrictions. All persons who attend a live event shall be deemed to have assumed all COVID related risks.

Hold Harmless: Each person who elects to attend a BYO Musicians live event shall be deemed to have acknowledged and agreed that such person holds harmless and releases BYO Musicians and its Board of Directors, officers and members from and against all liability, claims or demands of any kind for any loss, injury, or damages, including illness, disability or death, resulting from or related to any COVID exposure.

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